As we are dealing with a new recrudescence of COVID-19 pandemic, we want and need to look ahead.

We have therefore decided to pursue the idea of this course, which has the aim of partially compensating the impossibility of delivering the 2020 edition of the Brescia summer school, which has been dedicated to endoscopic skull base surgery since 2014.

It will be our first Spring Edition!

This course has been conceived as on online, live event. During the 2 days, an overview of endoscopic transsphenoidal surgery will be provided.

The first day will consist of a live dissection that will demonstrate the modular concept of transsphenoidal surgery.

In the second day, we will connect live from the operating room to share with you what we usually do.

Also thanks to the University of Brescia support and our sponsors, the course will be for free.

A registration in advance is required.

Aim of the course is to provide a concise but thorough journey in this exciting field, showing the importance of multidisciplinarity, from the anatomy laboratory to the operating room.

We look forward to having you join us online for two exciting days!


 Prof. Marco M. Fontanella               Prof. Piero Nicolai                            Prof. Cesare Piazza                        Prof.ssa Rita Rezzani